Space and eVTOL

Oneiros Space and eVTOL team is composed of global industry experts with a proven track record in managing and financing projects across North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. Our unparalleled experience in both developed and emerging verticals within Space and eVTOL gives Oneiros an understanding of the industry from a global, regional and local perspective. 

We are Space and eVTOL consultants and executives who are globally recognised for thought leadership, quantitative analytics, and innovative solutions to the industries’ most complex problems.

Advisory and Consulting

Space and eVTOL are nascent sectors which are experiencing rapid growth with global expansion. They are complex sectors of numerous and interconnected stakeholders with unique financial, regulatory and policy needs. 

Clients trust Oneiros Space and eVTOL to deliver their most complex projects in a rapidly evolving landscape. The Oneiros team has decades of experience in delivering business strategies, allocating capital, prioritizing resources and managing risk for both public- and private-sector stakeholders. Our engagements span the entire Space and eVTOL value chain, from OEM and components manufacturing through to operations and insights. Our engagements have included technical project management, strategy formation, financial analysis and transaction advisory for governments, investors, startups and established corporations.



Our team has unique insight into the Aviation Industry across 4 continents. We would be happy to point you in the right direction.


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