Welcome to Oneiros.

Oneiros was formed in 2020 in Ireland around a nucleus of Airline Industry veterans and high net-worth investors and institutional advisors, encompassing the software, property and aviation industries, to deliver holistic solutions and additive development opportunities for mid-life regional aircraft which are the primary drivers of our business.

Award-winning software and database analytics coupled with insights and data-centric solutions are the cornerstone of our businesses.

Oneiros Aerospace is uniquely positioned to deliver holistic investment solutions ranging from start-up through to transformation of airline or aircraft to investment and management of real estate development assets throughout the aviation ecosystem.

Through Oneiros Aircraft Leasing Ltd., based out of Ireland – which is firmly established as the global aerospace leasing hub; we are able to deliver bespoke solutions to airlines, lessors and asset managers across the aviation community. With a strong track record of property management and investment in distressed assets; we offer a unique proposition in assisting partners to navigate the current challenging environment.

Backed by award-winning data analytics and investment partners we have established our reputation in efficient innovative investments for our clients.


Our trading platform and experience in evaluating, managing, and executing distressed or start-up investments and other value enhancement strategies, sets us apart as an asset manager in the aviation investment sector. With a clear business model that focuses on value-enhancement through product knowledge and management of aircraft through remarketing or end-of-life scenarios, Oneiros is providing value-orientated partnerships to airlines and lessors around the globe.

Targeted investments, including the current portfolio, primarily consist of a niche market of New Generation midlife narrow-body jet and turboprop aircraft.

Management expertise is derived from over 50 years in the industry, including prior leadership of major engine and airframe MRO’s, Airports, ACMI airlines, and world-leading aviation consultancy.

Combined with financial expertise and private ownership, Oneiros has developed an ability to invest quickly and wisely to provide best-in-class operational excellence, value and strategic prioritisation, with risk-adjusted returns to both its partners and airline customers.

Oneiros and our best in class associates provide the expertise that investment partners and operating customers value; including the acquisition of aircraft with leases attached, dedicated engine leasing support, portfolio management, and maintenance avoidance solutions.

Our mission is to develop best in class Asset Leasing opportunities and grow our European, U.S. and Asia businesses.  We work with the leading specialist Lease Finance companies to provide innovative solutions from lease return management, documentation, valuations, hybrid freight conversion and the technical support.

Medium to Longer-term development will see Oneiros Aerospace further invest in MRO, Parking and Part out solutions for a wider range of aircraft including narrow-body jets. This will be done via acquisition and co-investing in appropriate managed partner facilities.

Oneiros Aerospace Ltd.,
Sean Duggan Centre,
Fairgreen Road, Galway,

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